Panasonic KX-TA624 / KX-TA824 
(using KX-T7030 or KX-T7031 telephones)

Changing the time on a Panasonic KX-TA624 system must be done from
extension # 101 using a display phone.

1.    Move MEMORY switch on rear from SET to PROGRAM

2.    Dial *#1234

3.    Dial 000 

4.    Press NEXT ("Sp-phone") 

5.    Press Right Arrow ("FWD/DND") four times until you see the time

6.    Move MEMORY switch on rear from PROGRAM to SET

7.    Press Right Arrow ("FWD/DND") to reach the minutes field 

8.    Change minutes with the keypad, if necessary
9.    Press AUTO DIAL/STORE 

10.  Press HOLD 

11.  Change the hour with the keypad 

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