Panasonic KX-TD 816/1232 

All programming is done at ext. 101

This procedure is to be done from a display phone at ext. number 101 or from a designated manager extension. The first step is to put that extension into a “user programming” mode.
 Notes about programming mode:

From extension 101:
1.    Press PROGRAM button

2.     Press **1234

3.     Display reads <USER-PGM NO?>

4.     Dial 0 0 0 (three zeros, not the letter O)

5.     Display reads <Day/Time Set>

6.     Press NEXT (same as SPKR PHN)

7.     Display now shows date (if you need to change the date, see steps 
       10 thru 15 below)

8.     Press NEXT (SPKR PHN) again

9.     Display now should show time (example 12:00 AM)

10.   Enter the hour on your keypad (to change current entry press CLEAR,  
       or the TRANSFER button)

11.   Press -> (or FWD/DND button)

12.   Enter the minutes

13.   Press -> (or FWD/DND button)

14.   Press SELECT (or AUTOANSWER/MUTE button) to change AM or PM

15.   Press STORE (or AUTODIAL/STORE) ***Don’t Forget This Step***

16.   Press END (or HOLD button)

17.   Press SPKR PHN button or pick up handset and hang up to exit  
       programming mode.

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